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*Required information, have to be filled in. Please, insert the adjacent TRANSFER-CODE for security purposes.

Travel Conditions

After you have booked, you will receive a booking confirmation. The written booking confirmation that you will receive is a binding contract for you and for MOSER Active. After the receipt of the invoice, 30 percent of the travel price must immediately be paid. The remainder of the invoice is due in full, without a reminder from MOSER Active, at the latest, 45 days before the tour begins. Should a tour be booked within 45 days before the beginning of the trip, the invoice must immediately be paid in full. In the case of late payment, MOSER Active reserve the right to cancel the contract immediately. The client must then pay the usual cancellation fee.

The client can cancel a trip at any time before the tour begins. The cancellation will go into effect on the day MOSER Active receive the cancellation in written form. In case of cancellation MOSER Active will have to charge the following listed percent of the entire travel price:
  • up to 45 days of departure date:              20 percent 
  • between 44 & 21 days of departure date: 35 percent
  • between 20 & 15 days of departure date: 65 percent 
  • between 14 & 7 days of departure date:   80 percent
  • less then 6 days of departure date:        100 percent.

MOSER Active recommends the client get travel cancellation insurance. Please check your insurance coverage. If the client leaves the group early, no matter what the reason, then he has no right to receive a refund of any kind.

If the minimum participant number has not been reached, MOSER Active reserve the right to cancel the tour up to six weeks before the tour begins. Of course, MOSER Active will return your money in this case. 

MOSER Active reserves the right, at the beginning or during the trip, to partially or completely remove any client from the group who cannot fulfill the rigors and requirements of the program. Following the instructions of the leader during the trip is an absolute requirement. In that case no refund or partial refund will be possible. Extra costs have to be paid directly by the client.

Should a tour be impaired, endangered or impossible to complete due to extraordinary circumstances out of the control of MOSER Active (war, strike, demonstrations, epidemics, upheavals, etc.) the client and MOSER Active has the right to cancel the contract. This is also the case should a tour, through exceptional circumstances (avalanche danger, extreme weather conditions, return due to injury of a client, etc.) be halted or if the tour is not able to begin. Extra costs due to an eventual retreat or return home must be covered in full by the client.

MOSER Active is not liable for persons, things and property. The clients go on the tour at their own risk. The described tour in the program is the planned itinerary of the tour; however, MOSER Active cannot guarantee that the same plan can be followed in detail. 

Your MOSER Active - Trekking Expert Team