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Patagonia Active - 16 days trekking through Chile & Argentina

Map Trekking Patagonia active
Patagonia – this impressively wide and wind burnt region with its fantastic pastel- coloured pasture land, its mountains of steeply rugged rock and icy glaciers is definitely the „El Dorado“ for every adventurer, hiker und nature lover.

On this unforgettable trekking trip you will hike in 7 days the “Full Circuit” of the amazing Torres del Paine National Park. Admire hardy tailored mountains that are formed by the movement of Glacier tongues. Discover the emerald lakes, Magellan forests of beech trees and the perpetual ice of this inspiring World Heritage site. Meet hardworking gauchos who call the wind branded steppe their home. Watch vigorous Guanacos fighting for their territories while the condor majestically hovers above your heads. After having faced the mystic Torres del Paine – granite towers your way leads you to the huge Perito Moreno Glacier. Moreover you will gain picturesque views on your trip to the landmark of Patagonia, Monte Fitz Roy, and the legendary Cerro Torre.

DEPARTURE DATES 2017/2018 & PRICES per person:

03.02. - 18.02.2018: from/to Punta Arenas or El Calafate starts at USD 3.790,- !! GUARANTEED !!

04.03. - 19.03.2018: from/to Punta Arenas or El Calafate starts at USD 3.990,- !! GUARANTEED !!

Group size 2 - 12. Alternatively we customize your own private departure! Just 4U and your friends!


  • Turquois colored ´Laguna de los Tres´ on the foot of the Monte Fitz Roy - Patagonia
  • Funny Magellan-Penguins on Seno Otway - Patagonia - Chile
  • Breathtaking view onto the Grey Glacier - Torres del Paine National Park - Patagonia
  • Kayak-excursion on the Grey Lake along the icebergs of the Grey Glacier
  • Cerro Torre Trek - Los Glaciares National Park - Argentina
  • Beautiful resting place in front of the glaciers of Paine Grande - Torres del Paine - Patagonia
  • Condor - King of the skies of Patagonia
  • Unforgettable panoramic view during the descent from Paso John Garner - Big Circuit
  • Three giants of granite - The Torres Towers in the Torres del Paine National Park
  • Imposing, blue-shining ice wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier - Patagonia - Argentina
  • Relaxation in Patagonia - while drinking Mate-Tea


Day 1 - 2: Punta Arenas or El Calafate – Puerto Natales

Day 1
After having arrived at the airport of Punta Arenas (alternative in El Calafate) private transfer to the hotel (without a guide).  Overnight stay in a hotel in Punta Arenas (alternative in El Calafate) in double room with private bathroom. (-/-/-)
Day 2
Today you take a regular bus from Punta Arenas (or El Calafate) to Puerto Natales (without a guide, appr. 3 hours from Punta Arenas or 5-6 hours from El Calafate). After having arrived Puerto Natales you meet our trekking-guide for a short briefing of the next days. One night in Puerto Natales in a hotel in double room with private bathroom. (B/-/-)

Days 3 - 6: Treks Seron – Dickson – Los Perros – Paso John Gardner – Grey Glacier

Day 3
In the morning you take a private transfer to the Torres del Paine National Park and watch out for the typical animals of this fantastic region like Guanacos and Ñandus. In the afternoon your first hike leads you to Campamento Seron. Depending on weather and season you discover various birds and plants like the Palomita (a white orchid). You have more or less 4-5 hours to walk; elevation of approx. 350m ascent/descentYou spend the night in our tents in campsite Seron - with free sight on the starry sky. (B/-/D)
Day 4
Today you hike along Lago Paine and Rio Paine to the wonderful Refugio and Campamento Dickson. Near the Camp you will get a picturesque view on the enclosing Dickson Glacier. There will be enough time to enjoy this inviting campsite while sitting together and sharing our overwhelming impressions. You have more or less 6-7 hours to walk; elevation of approx. 350m ascent/descentOvernight stay in tents in campsite Dickson. (B/BL/D)
Day 5
You leave the Camp on Lago Dickson and walk through a mystic Magellan forest of Southern beech trees to reach our next Camp. Campamento Los Perros is fabulously situated at the edge of a forest and at the Glacier of the same name. You have 4-5 hours to walk; elevation of 400m ascent. Overnight stay in tents in campiste Los Perros. (B/BL/D)
Day 6
Today you face probably the most exhausting but most impressive part of the tour. You leave the Camp Los Perros and hike uphill to the Paso John Garner (1250m) where you admire a striking view over the Southern Patagonian Ice field. Afterwards you scale down along the impressive Grey Glacier to your next Camp. You have 8-10 hours to walk; elevation of 750m ascent / 1200m descent. Overnight stay in tents in campsite Grey. (B/BL/D)

Days 7 - 9: Trek Grey – Paine Grande – Los Cuernos – Torres del Paine Towers

Day 7
In the morning you can choose a half-day-kayak-excursion on the Lago Grey along the icebergs of the Grey Glacier. In the afternoon you hike along Lago Grey to the black lagoon (Laguna Negra) while you are exploring the nature. From there, you walk down to the Camp Paine Grande that is beautifully located at the turquoise coloured Lago Pehoe. Your walking distance of 4 hours as well as an elevation of 350m (ascent/descent) is manageable. Overnight stay in tents in campsite Paine Grande. (B/BL/D)
Day 8
Today’s hike takes you along the splendorous Lago Skottsberg to Campamento Italiano. With a bit of luck you witness ice cracking off the Paine Grande (3,050m) sounding like a roaring thunder. Afterwards, you walk next to Lago Nordenskjöld to the Refugio Cuernos where you take a break. In the afternoon you leave this fantastic place to reach Camp Central, where you spend the night. Passing Monte Almirante Nieto (2,640m), you can probably watch the condor circling in the sky. Approx. 8-hour walking distance and an elevation of 600m (ascent/descent). Alternative:  Boatride and shuttle from Camp Paine Grande to Camp Central (additional costs p.P. 40 USD).  Overnight stay in tents in Campsite Central. (B/BL/D)
Day 9
Today, you will hike to get a first rate view on the no. 1 highlight: The famous Torres Towers. At first it leads you up to the Ascencio-valley where you take a break at the Refugio Chileno next to the lovely Ascencio River. After 2 more hours and a tough ascent you are rewarded for your efforts: You will stand in front of the impressive Needles with a green lagoon lying to your feet. After this challenging hike of more or less 8 hours and 950m of elevation (ascent/descent), you take our private transfer back to Puerto Natales and say goodbye to our local trekking-guide. You spend the night in a hotel. (B/BL/-)

Days 10 - 13: El Calafate - El Chaltén – Cerro Torre & Fitz Roy Trek

Day 10
Transfer in a regular bus through the wind branded Pampa to El Calafate in Argentina (without a guide, appr. 5 - 6 hours). In the afternoon you will have some time to go shopping or to try the famous Argentine steaks. Overnight stay in a hotel. (B/-/-)
Day 11
Today you are heading to El Chaltén with a regular bus (without a guide, appr. 3 hours), taking a break at the Estancia La Leona. El Chaltén is a lovely village in the mountains, where you will meet your trekking-guide for the next two days. A guided walk of 6 hours leads you in the afternoon to Laguna Torre where you have a grand view to the Cerro Torre (3,102m) with its glaciers. Moreover, you take a break at the Agostini Camp that is the Base camp for all Cerro Torre mountaineers. The elevation is 250 m ascent/descent. You spend the night in a hotel. (B/BL/-)
Day 12
Today you can choose a half-day or full-day-excursion on Viedma Glacier or you have some time to discover this idyllic place on our own or to do a short hike to the viewpoints “Condores & Aguilas” or "Chorillo del Salto" waterfall. You spend the night in a hotel. (B/-/-)
Day 13
You hike to Laguna de los Tres and to Laguna Sucia in more or less 8-9 hours with an elevation of 750m ascent/descent. You also pass the Base Camp Rio Blanco that serves all Fitz Roy Mountaineers. Finally you gain an unforgettable view on the Fitz Roy and the surrounding mountains. You spend the night in a hotel. (B/BL/-)

Days 14 - 16: Perito Moreno Glacier – Puerto Natales – Punta Arenas

Day 14
Today, you take a regular bus back to El Calafate (without a guide, appr. 3 hours). In the afternoon you visit with a guide the incomparable Perito Moreno Glacier in the Los Glaciers National park that is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. If you are lucky you will watch the Glacier calving. Furthermore you can choose an optional boat ride over the Argentino Lake along the imposing ice walls of the glacier (appr. 1 hour). Overnight stay in a hotel in El Calafate. (B/-/-
Day 15
You travel from Argentina back to Puerto Natales / Chile on a regular bus (without a guide, appr. 5 - 6 hours. You can use the afternoon to explore the small town at the Ultima Esperanza Fjord. Overnight stay in a hotel in Puerto Natales. Alternatively you can stay another day for your own in El Calafate, overnight stay in a hotel in El Calafate. (B/-/-)
Day 16
Transfer from Puerto Natales to the airport of Punta Arenas on a regular bus (without a guide, appr. 3 hours) - alternatively private transfer to the airport of El Calafate(B/-/-)

What's included

What's included
  • Accommodation in Torres del Paine National Park: 6 nights in roomy, high quality 3-person-expedition-tents to use for 2 people
  • Accomodation in the cities: 9 nights in hotels in double room with private bathroom
  • Meals: 15 x breakfast, 8 x box lunch, 6 x dinner
  • Local bilingual english/spanish speaking certified Trekking Guide Torres del Paine (Day 3 - 9)
  • Local bilingual english/spanish speaking Trekking Guide El Chaltén (Day 11 + 13) and during the excursion to the Perito Moreno Glacier (Day 14)
  • guided hikes
  • Porters throughout the Torres del Paine Full Circuit !!
  • Transport: all public and private transfers as per detailed itinerary
  • Airport Pick up & Drop off
  • Entry Fees/Admission: to all National Parks 
What's excluded
  • Not appointed meals and beverages 
  • Guide on days of transfer is not included
  • Single supplement
  • Optional trips, e.g. Kayak-Excursion Lago Grey, Boat ride across the Argentino Lake, excursions on Day 12
  • Tips/gratuity 
  • Local payments
  • International and domestic Airfare and airport charges 
  • Excess luggage fees
  • Travel insurance is not included in this tour. Travel insurance is mandatory to buy.

Trip Notes

A very good physical fitness and team spirit are necessary requirements for this tour. Furthermore, you should be able to walk with your daypack (6 to 10 kg) long distances (up to 10 hours a day) with some strenuous ascents and descents. The equipment for your belongings throughout the day has to be carried by yourself (rain gear, fleece or light down jacket, trekking poles, gloves, cap, photo camera, lunch and water for the day).

Porters will carry a total of 5 kg of your personal items such as your sleeping bag and mat. (approx. 2kg for the sleeping bag and 3kg for personal belongings). Therefore MOSER Active provide for each participant a 30 lt Sealline waterproof kitbag. The bag’s weight may not exceed 5 kg! Furthermore Porters will carry the expedition-tents.  All the rest of your luggage, which you do not need on the 7 days trekking, will stay locked at your hotel in Puerto Natales.