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Reiten & Gauchos - 5 Tage durch die chilenische Pampa

Erkunden Sie auf dem Rücken der Criollo-Pferde die atemberaubende Berg- und Steppenlandschaft rund um den Torres del Paine Nationalpark. Sie werden früh morgens mit den Gauchos  zusammen ausreiten, um die Pferde in den Corral zu treiben und hautnah dabei sein, wenn die Rinder ihr Brandzeichen bekommen.  Am Lagerfeuer mit den Gauchos zu sitzen und Mate zu trinken, wird für Sie genauso unvergesslich bleiben wie der tiefe Einblick in das so harte Leben auf einer patagonischen Estancia.


Dauer:                  5 Tage
Saison:                 Oktober – April    
Beginn/Ende:       ab/an Puerto Natales
Teilnehmerzahl:   min. 2 - max. 12 Personen
Termine:               individuell zum Wunschtermin

Optionale Verlängerung

Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre Trek im argentinischen   Patagonien!

Tourenverlauf - Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to Estancia Sofia, ride to Puesto Siñoret on the Sierra Contreras

From your lodging in Puerto Natales, a transfer will take you to an 8,000 hectare estancia, located 30km from the city, on the peaceful shores of Lake Sofia. After meeting the guide and matching each rider to their horse, you will prepare you saddle bags and mount up for your first day of cross country riding. The ride will begin at the shore of the lake and then journey along an ascending forest trail to an ancient volcanic hillside.  Once you reach the top of the hillside, you will be overlooking the Torres del Paine – National Park, and the grand Siñoret grassland. The ride will continue, across the grassland, until you reach the Siñoret Puesto. Your riding group will sit around the antique wood burning stove and sip mate. In the afternoon, weather, time and energy permitting, you may continue exploring the grassland, before settling into the puesto, for a delicious and filling meal. Sleep in a rustic but comfortable cabin at Puesto Siñoret. Bathrooms are clean latrines.

Day 2: Mountain cattle roundup, Evening in Puesto Siñoret

Saddle up, and tighten your cinch well on this morning, to experience a true gaucho roundup. Before breakfast, you will ride through forests and openings, collecting the stray vacas for the estancia owners, and bringing them back to the mountain corral. After an hour of roundup, return to the puesto for an energizing breakfast. Then it is back to the corral, to experience the ¨marca¨, or branding, castration and doctoring of cattle. Sleep, once again, on the rustic but comfortable bunk beds, in the mountain shepherds hut.

Day 3: Descent through The Window, to arrive at Bell Mountain Cabin

Arise early this morning to enjoy the crackle of the wood burning stove in the puesto, and sip coffee or máte. After breakfast, your horse will descend the Cerro Campana, passing through deep forests, and a special place called ¨The Window¨, which is a natural opening in the rocks, creating a beautiful window out to the green valley below and the adjacent mountain ranges. You then will ride through lush pastures and streams, crossing herds of horses and cattle. Arrive at Estancia Cerro Campana, and enjoy the beautiful mountain cabin, with comfortable beds and hot showers

Day 4: Long Valley Ride to Lake Figueroa and transfer to Sierra Baguales

On this morning, we will ride out of the long Campana Valley, crossing the winter and summer pastures of the Estancia, while traversing the Three Forks River. Our destination is Lake Figeueroa, the large and placid lake that lies along the side of the route to Torres del Paine. After four hours of riding, we will meet with a transfer van, and travel to Estancia Tres R´s, via the ancient yet still active sheep shearing station of Cerro Castillo. At Estancia Tres R´s, you will feel the immensity and remoteness of the Sierra Baguales Mountains. Though the area is revered locally as an important historical and geological mountain range, it is little explored, and you will feel as though you have stepped back in time. Dinner and lodging is in the comfortable cabin at Estancia Tres R´s.

Day 5: Day Ride on Estancia Tres R´s, transfer to Puerto Natales

Today we will enjoy a very different ride, high into the mouth of the Sierra Baguales Mountains, riding along the Chinas River, to mountain lookouts that boast incredible views of this spectacular and mysterious mountain range. We will see into Argentina, less than an hour’s ride away, and the Torres del Paine mountain range and glacial ice fields beyond. The Sierra Baguales draw the dividing line between Chile and Argentina, with their jagged, craggly mountain tops, jutting straight into the sky. These mountains are much older than the Torres del Paine range, and within their deep valleys, and high mountain passes, hold secrets of centuries past. Anthropologists believe that this mountain range was crossed, during the first human migrations into the region. The mountains became a safe haven for several indigenous cultures, and later harbored the feral horses, which escaped from Spanish explorers, over 500 years ago. The descendants of these horses still run free in the mountains today. Many important archeological discoveries have been made in the mountain range, which remains mostly a wilderness area, with the exception of a string of ranches at the mouth of the mountains. This area is one of the most inhospitable of the region, with rapidly changing weather, extreme heat in the summer followed by deep snows in the winter. After a very unique day of riding, we will return to Estancia Tres R´s and say goodbye to our sturdy ranch horses. Load into a transfer and descend through the valley, and across wide pampas to arrive Puerto Natales.

Trip Notes

What is included?
  • All lodging
  • All meals
  • Guide: local bilingual english/spanish speaking expert guide
  • Horse and equipment rental
  • Private transfers as per detailed itinerary

Not included
  • Travel insurance package
  • Lodging in Puerto Natales
  • Single supplement 
  • Optional trips
  • Tips/gratuity, local payments 
  • Flight costs and airport charges 
  • Excess luggage nor excess luggage fees

Trip Profile

Novice level, can walk, trot and willing to canter.

The horses 
The Criollo is the predominant horse breed in Chile, and is well- known for its´hardiness and stamina. It may have the best endurance of any horse breed in the world next to the Arabian. In fact, due to the criollo's low basal metabolism it may be a better long-distance horse than the Arabian in prolonged races over a week in duration with no supplemental feed. The breed is used extensively among gauchos for its´ability to travel long distances day in and day out, with little food and water, and is calm and level headed while doing ranch work. The Criollo is very athletic and intelligent, and makes an excellent long distance traveling partner.
The Saddles
that we use are a modern, more comfortable version of the chilean saddle. They are much like riding in a Western or Australian saddle, with the legs farther out in front, the knee angle more open, and less contact with the lower legs. They have long, stirrups which are covered at the foot, and are placed more forward than an english saddle. The seat is very comfortable, and shaped like an english saddle, contoured to the seat. There is no horn. We use breastcollars, and occasionally crupers, and saddle bags. The reins are much like western reins, and the horses are always ridden with a halter as well.
We offer helmets, and half chaps on all of our excursions, and encourage riders to wear both, especially if that is what they are used to riding in at home.